Does the district have plans that involve taking North House offline in the near future?

If the district enrollment projections trend accurately, the first year that the district could comfortably move grade 2 to WIS in 2016-17.   It would only be in the case of relocating an entire grade to WIS that North House could be considered to be taken offline for school use.  Half of the regular classrooms of Hurlbutt are located within the North House structure, and these classrooms tend to be smaller than those of East House and South House.  Also, the classrooms in the North House do not have individual student restrooms, unlike those in the other two areas of the school.

If grade 2 were ever moved to WIS, it would be appropriate to review how space is allocated in Hurlbutt to best meet the educational needs of the students and to determine which parts of the school would not be needed for school space.  Since North House is more isolated from the core of the school and its classrooms smaller with no individual classroom restrooms, North House would be a logical area to consider to take offline if enrollment continues to decrease and the district moves a grade to WIS.