How was AIM Developed?

AIM was designed as a direct response to the encroachment of negative effects by current high-stakes standardized testing practices prevalent in public education. The district partnered with other high-performing districts to analyze not only the consequences of high stakes standardized tests, but also the impact of the “information age”, particularly, the emergence of specific skills and capacities necessary for successful citizenship and participation in the 21st century. A partnership was established with Teachers’ College, Columbia University for technical expertise and training purposes, and a successful pilot was implemented during the 2010-2011 school year.

Content standards are still essential core goals for all of our students, but they are not sufficient to prepare our students for the world they will enter upon graduation from high school. This balanced approach of mastering both content and 21st skills provides a strong foundation for success in life, not just success in school.

The goal of AIM is to develop and implement a valid and reliable internal assessment framework that:

  • measures student achievement of specified, high priority 21st century skills, competencies and understandings, and
  • informs and drives instructional decisions and innovations in the classroom.