How will the district manage Weston Middle School when school is in session on Election Day?

Weston Middle School has been in session for public voting during bUdget referenda in the past and has well-developed plans to address managing the safe flow of residents in the school while students are on site. This Election Day will not be very different from any other voting process that has occurred during the school day in the past. Extra staff will be on hand to monitor the movement of the public as our citizens come into our school to vote.

However, to minimize any disruption to our students’ day and to maintain school security, members of the public will not be permitted to venture to areas of the school beyond those needed to vote.

There will be extra support to oversee the vehicular traffic that day, as we expect a heavy turnout for voting. Additionally, the district will relocate some staff parking that day to permit easy access to parking for our residents.

We expect a safe, orderly, and well-managed coexistence of school members and town residents. If there are any unanticipated issues that arise during the day, the entire resources of the district will be accessed to address any concern that disrupts either student learning or voter ease of access.

We look forward to welcoming our residents to our campus, and we are committed to go the extra mile to ensure a smooth day for all.