Next year school calendar, the district is not including a full week off in February

Next year in the 2012-2013 school calendar, the district is not including a full week off in February. Given the winter we have had with no snow days, shouldn’t the district revisit this issue?

Every winter reveals its own pattern of disruptive weather or lack thereof as the weeks go by.  In developing a school calendar, the Board considered long-term trends of snow days over a period of years for Weston.  While it is very likely that the district may have no snow days this winter, there is no guarantee that this pattern of warm weather will continue next year.

Looking at the averages of snow days over time, the Board was faced with a 25% probability of having to cancel part or all of April break if it scheduled a full week off in February based on the average number of snow days in the past.  Additionally, Weston Public Schools has a goal of concluding school by the end of the third week in June, which also limits snow make-up days.

A review of all the school districts in the state indicate that during the current school year, 2011-2012, approximately two-thirds of the school districts do not hold a full February break.   (State School District Calendar Information)

The school calendar is set year by year and no long-term decision has been made by the Board regarding future years’ calendars beyond 2012-2013.  A yearly assessment of how to schedule the academic year is conducted to determine how a calendar is established.

Depending how holidays fall, the start date of students, and when professional development days for teachers are scheduled also impact the calendar each year.  Within the next few months, work on the calendar for 2013-2014 will commence and the entire review process and analysis of snow days will be completed again by a Calendar Committee with representation of parents, staff, and a BOE representative.

All families will be provided with ample notice of any proposed calendar for 2013-2014 before it is presented to the Board for final adoption.  All feedback is always welcome.