What is AIM?

AIM stands for Academic Innovation and Measurement. AIM is an educational initiative of the Weston Board of Education funded in part by the philanthropy of the Weston Education Foundation and the four Parent Teacher Organizations that focuses on developing high priority skills and capacities beyond traditional core academics.

These skills and capacities, specifically, the abilities to think critically, creatively, with a global perspective, and to effectively communicate and collaborate, are needed by all students for successful citizenship and participation in the 21st century.

AIM emphasizes the power of local control of the decision making process, as opposed to state or federal control, to determine what is taught and assessed in classrooms. Weston Public Schools seek to set higher standards of learning than those prescribed by the CT State Department of Education with the AIM initiative.

An innovative approach called a “cornerstone assessment”, a highly engaging task administered to all students in a given grade level, is used at the end of the year to measure student achievement of specified, high-priority 21st century skills and capacities, while providing staff clear teaching “targets” for student learning. Teachers develop innovative lessons, learning activities, and assessments to prepare students to master these high priority skills.

At the end of each year, the district is informed by the work of our students on these assessments to help determine the district’s level of success in achieving its educational goals for all students.